What we do

Produce high quality film content for any desired project. From preproduction planning, to post production promotion and every step between- our passionate team is capable of organizing and executing a fully functioning film of any length.

Feature/Short Films

  • Set design/lighting
  • Wardrobe 
  • Special effects makeup
  • Screenplays/scripts

Music videos

  • Arsenal of cameras and lenses
  • Sound System
  • Projectors
  • Fog machines


  • Audio/sound recording
  • Transferring old footage & photos
  • Interviews

Event Coverage

  • Film and photography
  • Camera rigs and stabilizers
  • Mobile lighting
  • Monitors 

Business Commercials

  • Brand design
  • Logo artwork
  • Product promotion

Social Media Content

  • Recap footage
  • Modeling photography
  • Event promotion

Howl Peak's Production Reel