Who we are

A production team of creative professionals delivering an elevated realm of artistic expression to ascend any vision to its actualized potential. 

The Team

Nick Wolf


Co-fouder. Production Director. Project Coordinator. Music Enthusiast.

Nick Wolf is a vision empath with a genuine creative focus. His mission to elevate an artist and their life work to a high quality plane of public exposure has driven the company to rise itself. With a keen eye for the way of the world, this captain will guide you through an exploratory journey of production obstacles and post project processes. Nick's artistic nature and immense dedication to self expression pours into every aspect of his life. 

Pete Carter


Co-founder. Production Guru. Creative Genius. Editing Wizard

Pete Carter is an imaginative frontiersman- blurring the line between reality and total dream world. His sense of productional direction amongst the grueling adversities of an artist and their creation, will confidently sail your vision into they eyes of the world. He is a master of special effects makeup, set design, camera work, and editing finesse. Pete is a true showman-through and through.